Welcome to Stantonsburg!

There is a Legislative Hearing on October 3, 2022 concerning a rezoning of Phase 2 and 3 of Briar Farms. Information is on the signs at the property on Peacock’s Bridge Road and Sand Pit Road. There is also a special meeting of the town board after that for a closed session on personnel issues.

Stantonsburg is a small, friendly eastern North Carolina town in Wilson County.  Like many rural towns, we have seen spurts of growth and seasons of decline.  Presently we are focused on our Main Street with emphasis on repurposing the Applewhite Building, an 1800’s mercantile store into an active community spot with distinctive pop-up businesses.

With the pandemic of coronavirus affecting every aspect of our lives, we are truly thankful we live where social distancing is possible and where we  have access to businesses and necessities.  We have a bank, post office, library, elementary school, hair salon and barber shop right on Main Street.  Fire Department, Police Department and Town Hall are always on call!  We have car services (sales, repair, maintenance and washing), gas stations, restaurants and take-out food services.  We have a full service grocery store and an abundance of fresh produce from our farming community.  Our park has a walking trail, soccer nets, basketball goals and a covered picnic area with bathrooms.  We have several active churches, Masonic Lodge and motivated committees – all filled with caring compassionate people.

This is just a quick view of the town we call “home.”  We welcome you to come visit, begin a business here or live here.  If you need more information that is not on this website or have any questions, please refer them to the town (252-238-3608) and we will reply.

Thank you for your interest in Stantonsburg!


Brief history from the beginning

The area along Contentnea Creek now known as Stantonsburg was
populated by Indians until around 1720. In 1745, the first white settlers
filtered down from Virginia to take up land patents and establish residence
A bill to incorporate the Town of Stantonsburg in the County of Edgecombe
was passed by General Assembly after its third reading on December 20,
1817. Thus Stantonsburg became the first incorporated Town in what was
38 years later to become Wilson County.
The Stantonsburg area suffered the ravages of the War between the States
and the Town was forced to give up its charter. Following the war, the Town
recovered sufficiently to incorporate for a second time in 1873. In 1890 an
extensive fire destroyed much of the Town around the turn of the century.
The Town Charter was again allowed to lapse.
In 1907, there was another period of growth, and the General Assembly of
North Carolina again granted a charter to the Town of Stantonsburg on
February 26, 1909. The Town was named for the Stanton family who were
early landowners in the area.

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