Mayor’s Message

Coley H. Rhodes, Mayor

I am so excited to give you an update about our town! 

First of all, thank you for your continued support of me in the role of Mayor of Stantonsburg!  I am proud to represent our town and will do everything I can to promote our growth and community involvement.   

Welcome to our new citizens on Sand Pit Road!  Also, to those coming soon in the immediate future with Phase 2A and 2B in the Briar Farm subdivision!   

I may never cook again with Sylvia’s Restaurant here in town!  The food is absolutely delicious…the hours are so convenient… and the entire staff is so welcoming and friendly!  Welcome!! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to our Congressmen, Ken Fontenot and Buck Newton, who are responsible for our “new” town hall.  With mold issues, continuous plumbing problems, lack of sufficient storage for town records and documents, inadequate space for needed office area and a board room too small for the public to assemble, they realized our 74-year-old building needed upgrading.  They “went to bat” for us and presented us with $500,000! Our town board has been researching the possibility of buying the clinic at 315 Main Street for over a year.  Now, I’m happy to say that possibility has become a reality!  Renovation will begin soon!   

Not only did our congressmen enable us to provide a new town hall, but they also awarded $2,300,000 for our water infrastructure!  We are appreciative beyond words! 

The town is in very capable hands with our Stantonsburg Town Manager, Brian Hawley.  His plate (as well as his desk!) has been full since he began!  He is nearing his 1-year anniversary with us!  His door is always open, and he is a wealth of information!  We are indeed fortunate to have his expertise and his desire to seek the very best of everything for our town as we continue to grow! 

We are proud of our newly remodeled library.  Mrs. Eartha Butler, our librarian, offers various activities each month for adults and children.  The library also provides a space for our local artists to exhibit their works!  Please frequent this wonderful asset for our community!  

Our Facebook page, website and message board on Main Street are the places to find out what’s going on around “the burg” and beyond.  We want everyone informed and participating in the happenings in town!

Coley H. Rhodes, Mayor