Jeff Hill

Durand Caviness

We are very excited to welcome Jeff Hill and Durand Caviness as our new employees in charge of our electric department. They have a wealth of knowledge and are very visible and efficient! They are on call during the weekend so our town is always covered! Please introduce yourself and welcome them when you see them out and about.

Our electric department has been working on a project in Black Creek on Blalock Road. The picture is of the broken crossarm brace. Jeff and Durand put a fiberglass arm on the wooden arm and transferred 3 phases over to the new fiberglass arm. Over the years the weight, which was not evenly distributed has caused the arm to break. All that was holding it up was the brace on the lighter side. If this breaks, all power to Black Creek and Stantonsburg will be out! Thanks to our team for identifying the problem and fixing it before we had a major situation! This problem did not just arise! It has been this way for years, constantly getting worse.

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