Sanitation Services


Town employees collect garbage on Monday. The Town will provide each residence and eligible business with a 95 gallon roll-out container at no additional charge.  The roll-out container should not be removed from the premises to which it is assigned.

The roll-out container shall be rolled to the street or curbside, with the handles facing the street, no earlier than 7:00 pm on the day preceding the designated garbage collection day.

The roll-out container must be placed at street or curbside before 6:00 am on collection days in order to be picked up or serviced.  The roll-out container shall be removed from the street or curbside location within 24 hours of being serviced.  The roll-out container should not be placed in the street.

Backyard garbage collection service is available to qualified elderly and disabled residents.  Please call 252-238-3608 to apply for backyard collection service.

Holiday Collections: If Town Hall is closed due to a Holiday, garbage pick-up day will vary. Please call Town Hall for pick-up day.
Please do not place any yard debris in your can for collection.

Yard Debris/Other Items

The Town collects yard debris at the side of the street during other times of the week as schedules permits. Place your items by the street and we will pick up as soon as possible. We have no designated collection times.

**We do not pick up Construction Debris**


The Town has contracted with Waste Industries for recyclable pick up. Containers may be picked up from Town Hall when getting your Utilities connected. Recyclables will be picked up on Tuesday mornings. Please place container out by the street for pick-up.  (Please note that weather and mechanical breakdowns can also effect collection times.)

Holiday Collections: Please feel free to contact Town Hall for Holiday collection dates.  252-238-3608