Appearance Commission

Mark Whitley (Chair), Joan Taylor, Linda Mooring, Tommy Shingleton, Erica Ward, Ruth Hall, and Janie Williams.

Event Committee

Jane Lancaster (Chair), Jeff Taylor, Annie Artis, Nancy Reid, David Bynum, and Carla Davis.

Beautification Committee

Sarah Worth Whitley (Chair), Christy Whitley, Ruth Hall, Janie Williams, and Heather Stanczyk.

Recreation Committee

Neil Vick (Chair), Lori Farmer, Linda Mooring, Mark Stanczyk, Donna Flowers, and J.R. Davis.

Planning Board/Board of Adjustment

Edwin Bynum (Chair), Tommy Shingleton, John Whitley, Hubert Tyson, Billy Manning, Dooley Ezzard, and Tom Riddle.

Historical Committee

Dooley Ezzard (Chair), Tommy Stanton, Edwin Bynum, Annie Artis, Hubert Tyson, and Walt Bynum.

Library Board

Linda Mooring (Chair), Susan Stanton, Debbie Davis, Pam Hughes, and Jewel Pope.